Full Route of Abdera from Entrance 1

The selected route of Abdera includes the current village with the Archaeological Museum and impressive architectural samples of historical buildings, but also the adjacent archaeological site of the Classical and Roman period, as well as the Byzantine Polystylon at the acropolis of Abdera. It gives you the opportunity to learn about the historical, economic, social and spiritual development of the ancient city, as well as about important archaeological findings of all time. Furthermore, the Byzantine Polystylon is presented in detail, through topographic and designing drawings of important monuments in the area, which guide the visitors and help them understand better the Byzantine town.

Distance: 6,2
Average Duration: 50:35

Points of Interest

  1. 1. Entrance
  2. 8. Archaeological museum of Avdira
  3. 17. Pamouktsoglou mansion
  4. 34. Archaeological site
  5. 38. Archaeological site of Avdira
  6. 39. Ancient harbor
  7. 40. Byzantine Acropolis of Polystylon
  8. 41. Fortification yard
  9. 42. Aisleless Temple
  10. 43. Baths
  11. 44. The inner or transverse walls
  12. 45. Episcopal church
  13. 46. Baptistery
  14. 47. Byzantine era
  15. 48. Aisled basilica with cemetery


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