Full Route of Old Town of Xanthi from Antika Square

The selected route in the Old Town of Xanthi includes a main street that leads to Mitropoleos Square. It gives you the chance to learn about the historical, economic and social development of the city, but also to learn about important buildings, from an architectural and historical point of view, which are in line with the development of the city through time, from the nineteenth century up to present. Historical information is also provided about the original founders, influential figures who inhabited the area, the architecture and the use of materials, views from the interior, historic photographs of the buildings, but also the current use of them.

Distance: 0,3
Average Duration: 45:15

Points of Interest

  1. 1. Entrance from Antika Square
  2. 10. Mansion Anna Kaloudis - Kougioumtzoglou
  3. 11. Athanasios Kougioumtzoglou - Melpo Merlie’s residence
  4. 12. George Matsopoulos’ residence
  5. 13. Constantine Leontaridis’ residence. George Mavromichalis\\' residence
  6. 14. Folklore and Historical Museum of the Progressive Union of Xanthi
  7. 15. Nikolaos Adamidis’ residence
  8. 16. Baschetzis’ residence
  9. 17. Metropolis’ Cathedral
  10. 18. Chapel of Analipsis
  11. 19. Greek Consulate
  12. 21. George Papadopoulos’ residence
  13. 22. Church of John the Baptist
  14. 23. Metropolitan Hall
  15. 25. Matsineia School
  16. 26. Mitropoleos Square


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