Full Route of Maronia from Entrance 1

The selected route in order to see the region of Maronia includes an extensive area, which covers all historical periods, from ancient Ismara, the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods up to the years of Turkish occupation, as well as the modern and homonymous village of Maronia. It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the character of the area, especially with that of ancient Ismara, and the historical and economic development of this area, which includes important archaeological findings of all time, but also impressive architectural samples of historical buildings of the current village. Furthermore, the ancient theater, findings of the Hellenistic and Roman period, but also the Byzantine Paliochora with its famous mosaics, are presented in detail, through images, as well as topographic and designing drawings of important monuments in the area, which help visitors understand better the Byzantine era.

Distance: 6,5
Average Duration: 39:10

Points of Interest

  1. 1. Entrance
  2. 8. School of Maronia
  3. 10. Mare\\'s Mansion
  4. 11. Hatzeas Fount
  5. 12. Traditional Architecture
  6. 15. The Settlement of Maronia
  7. 16. Tavaniotis\\' Mansion
  8. 17. The Lower Fount
  9. 37. Sanctuary of Dionysus
  10. 38. Ancient Theatre
  11. 53. The Marmaritsa Location
  12. 61. Ismaros ancient city
  13. 94. Mosaic residence
  14. 95. Hellenistic walls
  15. 96. Byzantine walls
  16. 97. Paliochora, Byzantine Maronia
  17. 98. Roman Agora
  18. 99. Roman Propylon
  19. 100. Early-Christian Bath
  20. 101. Ancient Port Colonization


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